Friday, October 17, 2008

Denny & Joan's French Toast Extravaganza

WAKE UP!! GOOD MORNING!! Phase 2 of this space odyssey. Deny & Joan Fitzpatrick have welcome the crew into their homes, and we've eaten more than an army's worth. Slumber party on the floor and late night conversations on the deck. Radio Radio proved to be a severely needed morale boost, and the crowd received Finn and the Children really well. Many many many many thanks to the friends and family who made it out to make the night truly special. Indianapolis is amazingly beautiful at the moment, the weather is treating us to sunshine. The crew has really gotten to share some quality time with ma and pa Fitzpatrick. Next up, Bloomington and a crazy Friday night in the university setting. The Hoosier state is treating us well... next up the great state of Ohio and the home of J. Hershman. Here's to full moons, America Owns the Moon, rocking out and dancing the night away.

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