Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shake Your Money Maker

Welcome to Hershman Manor! Treasure troves of solitude and warm isolation inside the cozy home of Cliff and Marie Hershman. They welcomed us with open arms and wonderful cuisine. Laid back beer drinking of the ale, and energy recharging sessions by the fire. Waking up early to the sites of Lake Eerie and downtown Cleveland was inspiring. A crazy, unexpected dance-a-thon happened inside the dilapidated exterior of Pat's in the Flats. See Urchins brought the tribal dance fun(k)... and made the crowd in attendance smile from ear to ear. Jared Mees and Finn Riggins followed up the energy with their own brand of dance vibes and momentous occasions of getting one's groove on. And so as it goes.. every stop needs a go. Unfortunately we can't live forever at the Hershman's, or else we would. For now it's on to Ithica, New York and a ton more good times.

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